Store History

Village Consignment has been a Yarmouth fixture since 1979. Current owner Shelly Cunningham purchased Village Consignment in 2012 with three goals in mind:

• Offer beautiful and stylish items at good prices,
• Treat customers with honesty and respect, and
• Build a store culture and community of women who support one another.

Shelly has been busy bringing her goals to life at Village Consignment. Energetic, friendly and stylish, she has updated both the inventory’s style and the way it is arranged and displayed throughout the store. Every customer is greeted with a smile and an offer of help if they want it. And customers have noticed—they’re telling friends and neighbors: Village Consignment is a fun place to shop!

To honor the store’s history and to celebrate its new energy, Shelly has decided to rename her store. Village Consignment will now be called Village STYLE, Consignment Boutique!


In 2011, Shelly was helping her dad sell his business when she saw that Yarmouth’s Village Consignment was for sale. She was intrigued, but her children were still young, and she wasn’t quite ready to take on the challenge. Eighteen months later, the store was still for sale, the kids were a little older, and the time felt right. With encouragement and support from her family, Shelly became the official new owner and operator of Village Consignment.

From personal experience, Shelly understands women work hard. They work both in and out of the home, support families, friends and neighbors, and spend very little time on themselves. It’s important to Shelly that when customers choose to spend precious free time at Village Style, they feel welcome, have fun, and know she and her staff truly care about them.

“I love the relationships that have developed with people who come in not only to shop, but also to visit.” Shelly Cunningham, Owner, Village STYLE


As for philosophies, Shelly has a few.

She believes in the Golden Rule and does her best to treat everyone with kindness, honesty, and respect.

She believes in the community of women who support one another and celebrate accomplishments and successes.

She believes in taking care of the planet and is proud to have a part in recycling thousands of items of clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories every year.

And Shelly’s final philosophy? “Let’s be real, and have fun.”


Over and over, Village Style customers say they enjoy coming into the store. Maybe that’s because the store’s “Style Team” is friendly and loves fashion. Or maybe it’s because of the friendships and trust that have developed over the years. (Most have worked there for years, and one employee has been there for 10 years!)

In any case, Village Style’s team takes care of each other, the store’s many customers, and even the store itself. In Shelly’s words, “They’re my extended family.”


Lucky, the Official Greeter

Shelly didn’t know she was a dog person until she met Lucky. Now they’re together nearly all the time, at home and in the store. Rumor has it that some customers look for Lucky even before they say hello or glance at what’s new.

(Psst… Can you keep a secret? There’s talk of a one-of-a-kind line of recycled dog clothes…inspired by all of the fabrics and patterns in the store…and you guessed it, by Lucky! Stay tuned…)