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Living in Maine, we have our share of cold weather clothing to keep us warm during the long winters.  I have often found that women are either dressed for warmth, and they feel bulky & frumpy, or they compromise warmth and function to feel more pulled together and polished.  Here are some tips to keep you chic and warm.

1. Have a base layer.

The need for base layers vary from person to person.  Some may only require a base layer if they are outdoors for an extended period, and others may need to add a base layer to stay warm running errands.  Base layers don’t have to be bulky and restrictive.  Add nylon tights under your pants or a lace-trimmed, slim-fitting tank under your blouse.  Wear fleece-lined leggings and moisture-wicking running shirts under your denim and sweaters.  These are better options than layering bulkier pieces such as vests and sweaters over shirts.

2. Smart accessories.

Hats and gloves or mittens are essential – adding a scarf is a matter of taste.  Personally, I feel too restricted in a scarf, and would rather protect my neck with a high-buttoning coat or turtleneck.  Choose a hat in your favorite color, with an attractive design or to flatter your hairstyle.


Your gloves, mittens or hand warmers are another easy way to add color and style without compromising function.  The color and style should compliment your coat or hat.


3. Proper footwear.

I’m a huge fan of knee-high boots or booties in cold weather, but not to trudge through the slush and snow!  Function dictates a boot that is stable and warm.  The key here, is to choose something other than classic styles and colors.  Use your footwear as another opportunity to express your personal style.  If plaid flannel shirts are a staple, reflect that in your boots!  Choose a color that compliments your coat and coordinates with your other cold-weather accessories.  For all of you who feel winter boots are bulky, choose a more feminine style with a stable wedge for a little lift.


4. Stylish outfits in warm fabrics.

Winter is the time to enjoy warm fabrics like fleece, wool, & cashmere.  Here are a few current styles that also keep you warm.

Tunics & Dresses

Pair your tunics and dresses with pants, denim or leggings.  Forget your average pullover sweater with bootcut jeans.  Update your look and add warmth when your tops and bottoms overlap.  Add leggings or pants to your dresses.  Create outfits that are monochromatic or tonal for a more sophisticated and polished look.


When wearing skirts in the winter, prevent your frame from being choppy and create a continuous line from your waist to your feet.  Bridge the gap from hem to foot by wearing leggings or tights that are a tonal match to the skirt and/or shoes.













Pulled together with the right outerwear…












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